Our School, Cambodia
is The Playtent’s Chosen Charity!

We visit Cambodia once a year to teach drama and run workshops with village children,
eventually putting on  a small performance for fundraising purposes.

About Our School, Cambodia

Our School is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that runs community-based human development initiatives for the rural community of Chamcar Bei in Kep, Cambodia. At the moment, Our School is focusing on Educational Programmes to supplement Public School Curriculum for K-12 students. This includes Kindergarten Programmes, English Classes, Library Programmes, Tablet-based Self-learning, Computer Classes and a variety of youth programmes for about 400 students. Our School also works with the community to extend its initiatives. Some of these include: a sustainable electricity solution to all 600 houses, improving basic health conditions and making education accessible.


Our Mission is to help rural Cambodia maintain its community and realise it’s full potential. We take the following approach to achieve this:

1. Focus on innovations in education, health, energy, environment and agriculture.
2. Keep sustainability and scalability in mind for all innovations.
3. Consider bringing Information and Communications Technology (ICT)-enabled innovations in.
4. Take bottom-up approach: Instead of launching projects with other NGO’s or government, we become part of the community and innovate from grass-root level.
5. All initiatives must be designed in a self-sustainable way in both financial and operational terms.

Here’s what we’ve been doing!


  • Necessities

    Like toothbrushes, medical supplies, toiletries, school resources

  • Educative Materials

    Like art supplies, sports equipment


  • Clothes & Shoes

    Please be mindful of the condition they are in! We want to give what we ourselves would wear.

  • Your Time!

    We love collaborating with like-minded people.

Financial Support

  • Air Fare

    We fund all the trips ourselves! With financial support, we can put the money used for trips to other areas of need.

  • Share Shipping!

    It costs alot to ship all the supplies to the school, sometimes budget airlines don’t cut it!