The ability to communicate well
is essential to any successful business.

  • Communicate Effectively

    Develop and identify the right skills to communicate with confidence

  • Innovate & Ideas

    Innovation comes when ideas are presented effectively to reach their full potential

  • Inner Awareness

    Inner awareness helps build strong and positive inter-personal relationships

  • Be An Asset

    Become a powerful listener and add value to a fluid and productive workplace

Programmes & Courses


Communication Essentials Sessions improve and enhance communication skills used in every aspect of life. The right tools and people skills ensure a productive environment – crucial in any business today.


  • Address areas of weakness with regard to personal communication skills. E.g Lack of confidence when dealing with authority figures or pressurised situations
  • Develop soft skills to adapt and get the best out of your environment at all times
  • Tools for constructing information for a dynamic, direct and concise delivery
  • Equipping for delegation and time-management skills
  • Improving listening and empathy skills – Of which the lack of leads to impatient and reactive communication
  • Ego management and curbing overly aggressive communication – Of which the lack of often leads to poor conflict resolution skills and rigid choices
  • Turning around negative attitudes and destructive communication choices
  • Inspire to think creatively, initiate and create solutions
  • Highlighting awareness of body language and physical presentation (including eye contact)
  • Improving vocal delivery e.g. vocal projection, pronunciation, pace and energy when delivering information, instructions or presentations
  • Uplifting uninspiring and limited use of the English language
  • Addressing cultural differences and approaches when in a Western Business environment

Course Structure:

  1. A brief meeting to set mutually satisfactory goals for both parties (objectives can be emailed).
  2. Course is broken into 10 modules. Each module is uniquely designed with exercises, writing techniques and reading material that will address the areas of weakness. Other coaching methods employed are the use of video recording and a vocal CD when necessary.
  3. Sessions will vary between one hour and 1 hour 30 minutes in length on a weekly to fortnightly basis. 
  4. At the end of the course, there is a review of both the progress made and areas that still need to be addressed. Further work will be recommended on a case by case basis based on progress, goals met and sustained results. A feedback report is given to management and a meeting arranged, if so required.

This programme is suitable for individuals as well as group settings.  


The Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI)  have an implication for almost every aspect of our lives, whether at work, at school, at home and even on the sports field!

NBI Coaching explores your personal relationship with how you think, communicate and the patterns and behaviours you’ve developed over time. 

Through an understanding of individual and group brain profiles, a deeper level of understanding and insight will:

  • Increase individual and team effectiveness and productivity
  • Ensure more effective leadership and decision-making
  • Enable more effective team selection and goal achievement
  • Ensure coaching, mentoring and management styles match how individuals learn and develop
  • Strengthen customer and client relationships
  • Improve job matching and career choices
  • Develop creative and innovative approaches to business or personal issues

Course Structure:

  • The 10 hour NBI Course can be created according to client’s specific needs, with the total program completed within 1 month.
  • Sessions can run between 1h30 to 3hrs at a time, with the most preferable being run over 4 sessions at 2h30 each.
  • No materials are required from the client for these sessions.
  • Ideally, these sessions are run within office hours in a closed, uninterrupted space.


This is course is recommended for staff with unclear accents and various forms of vocal weakness such as:

  • Vocal projection (speaking too softly, timidly or shouting)
  • Vocal pace and energy (speaking too quickly, slowly or sluggishly)
  • Vocal tone and variance (speaking with colour and expression)
  • Clear pronunciation (mumbling, mispronouncing etc.)

This course addresses clarity of speech within the person’s natural sound to boost communications skills and improve confidence. This course is also strongly recommended for persons where English is a second language, who often lack the confidence they would otherwise have when speaking in their mother tongue.


  • Fine tune language and terminology
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Improve body language and energy dynamic (e.g. slouching etc.)
  • Basic stress management and improve conflict resolution skills
  • Expand reading ability and knowledge of the English language

Course Structure:

  • Address the assessed goals of the individual.
  • Sessions will be 45 minutes to one hour in length and run twice a week for 3 weeks, and then go to once weekly. It is essential to have continuity and regular practice so that the client can change speech habits and improve gradually and naturally.
  • At the end of the course, there is a review of both the progress made and areas that still need to be addressed. Further work will be recommended on a case by case basis based on progress, goals met and sustained results. A feedback report is given to management and a meeting arranged, if so required.

The client will receive the course notes and Vocal CD. Any books that the facilitator may deem of value to the client will be purchased by client.

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About Us

Claire Devine

With origins in theatre and acting, Claire is the founder and co Artistic Director of Buds Theatre Company and a graduate of the prestigious Guildford School of Acting & Dance U.K. Claire has been living and working in Singapore as a Director, Actor & Educator for the past 17 years. After running successful coaching sessions and workshops with various corporate companies, Claire realised the need for developing strong and effective communication skills in this sector.

Her growing portfolio includes developing programmes that focus on material catered to each client’s specific needs. By incorporating interactive and engaging techniques, participants are able to integrate themselves practically, effectively and exercise what they have learnt in their daily lives.